Your business needs the right content.

content-writerCreating relevant content for your market can boost your business, if it’s done in the proper way. Using keyword research, talking to your sales and marketing and create fresh, original content that will increase your website traffic. If your landing page is optimized, you can convert a visitor into a lead.

Interested in this new approach to digital marketing?

Our teams, both journalists and nerds help you to explain how content marketing works. The proven power of our formula in combination with e-mail, how to define a social format, create content like articles, video’s, animations, infographics, tag them, post them and distribute your exclusive content into relevant online groups and forums.

content marketing 2014

We top off your content publishing strategy with a compelling e-mail to inform your customers. Your most loyal customers will most likely not visit your website every day. That does not mean they know automatically what you are doing. Keep everybody informed, to make sure they are doing business with the best.

The Creative Tribe and Content Business Boost combine old style logical marketing skills, commercial thinking and innovative marketing. The killer combination that beats your competition.

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