Video Storytelling Secrets From an Award-Winning Series

By Clare McDermott


Visa commissioned research in 2015 that uncovered an idea so wholly new that it gained widespread attention, even landing a front-page spot in The New York Times. It showed women were choosing to travel solo in historic numbers. Higher spending power, a feeling of greater safety abroad, and the popularity of Instagram travel diaries created the right conditions for a boon in solo travel.

Visa corporate communications brought the findings to its agency, Click2View, and the parties immediately got to work figuring out how to relay the story of solo women travelers in an engaging way.

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The story takes flight

From these early conversations was born a video series called Solo Traveller. The series followed the travels of three women through Japan, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, and Singapore … then seeded those videos through Visa’s social channels as well as the women’s social networks. Each journey was released as a three-part video.

Solo Traveller Website

Simon Kearney, founder of Click2View, says the success of the Visa project was due in large part to the travelers chosen by the production team:

  • Angela Kan is from Hong Kong; her extensive travel and writing experience meant she could collaborate with the team, brainstorming the best spots and conditions for recording her travelogue.
  • As a leading travel blogger in Thailand, Chutima Treearayapong had a devoted following before joining the Visa series.
  • Filipino blogger Vern Enciso is passionate about fashion, food, and music; her interests brought new ideas to the video series, as well as a distinct audience.

Now, Simon delves deeper into how you can translate what Visa and Click2View learned about …read more

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