The New Marketing: How to Manage a Media Arm Within Your Company

By Marcia Riefer Johnston


2017 was the year brands buy media companies, according to Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose who made the declaration in a This Old Marketing podcast last May. Did it happen? Has your organization bought any media companies or even maybe built its own media arm?

Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, you’re probably curious about what it looks like for a brand to run a media organization. What’s the best way for the marketing and media teams to relate to each other? Should they keep a “church-state” separation (like the separation that newspapers traditionally uphold between reporting and advertising teams), or should they collaborate? What can organizations do to ensure that the brand –and its audiences – benefit?

One person who can speak to these questions is Victor Gao, vice president of digital and managing director at Arrow Media Group at Arrow Electronics. He did just that at Content Marketing World in his talk, How the Enterprise Marketing Department Can Build and Scale Media.

This post reviews Victor’s story of what Arrow Electronics has learned from its bold foray into the media business.

What Arrow Electronics has learned about running media companies

In their new book, Killing Marketing, Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose recount the story of how Arrow Electronics, one of the world’s largest companies, spent millions between 2015 and 2016 to purchase more than 50 media properties to acquire their valuable subscriber lists and editorial talent. In all cases, the subscribers are electrical engineers, the company’s target market.


Before making the media acquisitions, Arrow Electronics had been watching the struggles of the publications because it advertised in them. Here’s a passage from Killing Marketing that tells the story:

For the company’s customers, electrical engineers, not …read more

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