Road Map to Success: Turn Your Strategy Into a Stellar Editorial Content Plan

By Jodi Harris


Unless today is your first day as a content marketer, you’re aware of how essential a documented strategy is to achieving content marketing success. It’s one of those mantras you’ve heard being chanted again and again throughout every corner of the industry until you simply can’t help but accept it as truth. It really is that important.

But let’s face it: Not all of us have a direct part to play in crafting or controlling our company’s strategic, high-level view of content. There are just as many of us whose job it is to fulfill the promise of those strategic ideals by implementing and executing on an editorial plan – i.e., the policy, process, team resource, and task-related decisions that will best position your content marketing program for long-term success.

Looking to build this essential tactical plan for your organization or refine the one you have? Read on for a handy tutorial and some of our best resources to guide your way.

By the way, if it is your first day on the job, you’ll want to catch up quickly. I recommend starting with our Content Marketing Strategy Essentials guide and branching off from there.

What’s in an editorial plan?

Similar to building your content marketing strategy, planning your editorial can seem intimidating at the outset. You’ll need to consider a lot of moving parts, and design each aspect to function on its own while aligning with your strategic goals. Your plans also need to allow for flexibility since your content will likely need to be adapted to shifting business priorities, emerging tech trends, audience preferences, and other changes over time.

Fortunately, if you break down your plan into three key focal areas the tasks should come into clearer focus, making the process much more manageable. The three areas include:

  1. Guidelines and governance – editorial …read more

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