Ready to Go Live? All You Need to Know Now

By Jessika Phillips


Live video is a great way to grow your community and show up on a more human level. Unlike regular video, the live format feels less rehearsed and edited, plus it shows up in your followers’ streams in a different way than regular video. Livestreaming is a great option for delivering breaking news, sharing the excitement and energy of a live event, and doing big reveals after a period of suspense.

Before you dive in to livestreaming

While livestreaming may feel unrehearsed, you need a plan.

Define your audience. Figure out who you are trying to connect with and ask yourself whether you have the expertise or credibility to satisfy that audience. If not, can you invite someone to join you who does?

Hatch a plan. What are your goals for the livestream and what action do you want viewers to take? How will you ensure that viewers take that action? (Watch experienced livestreamers like Amy Landino or Owen Video to see how they balance education and entertainment with promotion.)

While #livestreaming may feel unrehearsed, you need a plan, says @NowMG.
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Invest modestly. Don’t be overly ambitious out of the gate. I like to say, “Start where you are.” Don’t feel you have to make large investments in technology before you test whether livestreaming works for you. Do invest in decent lighting and sound as a baseline. With experience, you can grow your equipment list.

Embrace consistency. As with any content marketing initiative, avoid the one-and-done approach. If you’re considering livestreaming, make a commitment to publish on a regular schedule.

Be human. Livestreaming isn’t intended to be pristine and perfect. Be yourself; embrace your quirks and sense of humor. If you do, chances are good you’ll connect with like-minded people.

Don’t overproduce it. People want to connect with …read more

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