Less Brand, More Identity: The Zombie Business Cure

By Marcia Riefer Johnston


No company wants to be a zombie – an uncaring, brainless, ruthless, inhuman thing that does whatever it takes to keep going. Yet examples abound of companies that behave in zombie-like ways, often paying the price in lost sales and damaged reputations.

How does a business cure itself of a case of the zombies? That’s the question that content strategist and UX specialist Melissa Eggleston answers in her Content Marketing World talk, Zombies All Look the Same: Using Identity-based Content Strategy to Stand Out.

The author of the book The Zombie Business Cure: How to Refocus Your Company’s Identity for More Authentic Communication, Melissa urges businesses to concern themselves less with their brands (how they want to be seen) and more with their identities (who they are).

Businesses should concern themselves less with their brands & more with their identities. @melissa_egg
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This article peeks into Melissa’s messages for marketers. (All images come from her presentation slides.)

Discover and celebrate your company’s unique identity

Zombies lack distinctive identities. They look, sound, and act the same. Melissa describes them as indistinguishably reckless, haphazard, stiff, and self-absorbed – the last thing we want our companies to be.

Zombies are reckless, stiff, & self-absorbed – the last thing we want our companies to be. @melissa_egg
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Too many companies look the same. For example, “we’re helpful” is not a distinctive identity, Melissa says. Any company could be helpful.

Each company must have a distinctive identity that make its products, services, and employees unmistakably its own. Even if your products or services are similar to your competitors’, you must discover and celebrate what makes you …read more

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