Instagram Marketing: 4 Features You Should Be Using [Examples]

By Robert Katai


It’s obviously not enough to create an account on Instagram and start shooting photos to share. Successful content marketers on this social platform tailor their content to take advantage of the channel’s strengths, from hashtags and Stories to advertising and live video.

Let’s explore how to use these features to maximize your content marketing strategy.

Powerful hashtags

You can use two types of hashtags in your Instagram campaigns – branded or community.

Branded hashtags make your post easier to find for people who already know your company and are looking to find out more about it. Branded hashtag examples from Bullet Journal, which has over 260,000 followers, include #bulletjournal #bulletjournaling, and #bulletjournalcollection.

Branded hashtags make your @Instagram post easier to find for people who already know your company. @katairobi
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Community hashtags are commonly used or created by Instagram users to follow a topic, interest, or other unifying theme. In the Bullet Journal example, community hashtags include #writing, #stationery, #plannermom.

TIP: Instagram limits users to 30 hashtags per post.

This Instagram post shows how Mercedes Benz uses hashtags.


Observe the hashtags Mercedes uses besides the branded ones: #GTfamily, #DreamCar, #Cartastic, #InstaCar, #Luxury, #Lifestyle, #Performance. The community following those hashtags is interested in vehicles or products fitting in those categories. This is how prospects can find your brand and how they relate to your products in a quick and easy way.

Find the most relevant community hashtags to get discovered on @Instagram, says @katairobi.
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