How to Do a Content Audit in a Few Hours

By Arash Asli


Content audits are about as popular as colonoscopies but they’re just as necessary to health – in this case, the health of your content marketing strategy.

But you likely dread the tedious, time-consuming annual content audit, and reliably and predictably put it off (and sometimes never get it done.)

What if you could do a content audit in only a few hours? Impossible, you say.

Consider a condensed content audit. It’s a fresh approach that allows you to more regularly provide actionable insights into what type of content is performing best to inform your upcoming activities.

Condensed #content audit provides more regular actionable insights, says @arash31.
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Condensed content audit explained

Condensed content audits are not meant to replace the comprehensive content audits you should do every year.

The condensed content audit is a shortened form of the traditional content audit. It forces you to narrow your most important goals and determine whether they are being achieved – and how to improve what you’re doing.

Condensed content audits are designed to be done more frequently, preferably monthly or as often as you have the time.

Condensed #content audits are designed to be done monthly or as often as you have the time, says @arash31.
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Monthly condensed content audits allow you to:

  • Continually improve your content marketing strategy because you’re always seeing what’s working and what’s not
  • Identify problems and proactively address them before they affect the content’s performance long-term
  • Make them routine in your process, which likely will make yearly content audits easier

With this in mind, here is how to do a content audit in three steps and in just a few hours – maybe even less.

Before I delve further, let’s get one thing out of the way – the …read more

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