How to Create Unified Content That Works in Diverse Global Markets [Examples]

By Marcia Riefer Johnston


If you work as a marketer in a global company, this conundrum is all too familiar. On the one hand, your content must be unified: Everywhere in the world, the messaging must be consistent, and people must recognize the brand. On the other hand, rigid consistency across cultures can backfire or undercut your business goals.

When it comes to global content, one size does not fit all.

When it comes to global #content, one size does not fit all, says @marciarjohnston.
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Rebecca Lieb gets it. She works as a strategic advisor and research analyst on digital marketing for many of the world’s leading brands. In her Content Marketing World talk, Global Content Marketing Strategy – Creating Content for Diverse Global Markets, she emphasized the need to approach global content from two directions at once: top-down and bottom-up.

While Rebecca’s top-down-bottom-up metaphor fits perfectly with the hierarchical nature of most org charts, we get more insight from her other bidirectional metaphor: a global content process as the body’s circulatory system:

  • Marketing headquarters pumps content, messaging, and brand guidelines to local offices the way the heart pumps blood.
  • The system works only when the heart uses what the extremities deliver back to inform new phases of content and new initiatives.

Global #content processes are a circulatory system, says @lieblink.
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How does your global enterprise create a healthy content circulatory system?

Evangelize your content everywhere

To foster the kind of two-way communication required by a global content circulatory system, you need a content evangelist.

The evangelist may not have a title comparable to chief content officer. That person might be head of digital, head of marketing, or head of social media. What matters is that someone plays an evangelizing role, which includes two parts: conveying the importance of the centrally developed content and …read more

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