Falling Behind Your Competitors? Build a Content Brand

By Marcia Riefer Johnston


“It’s 2018. We can’t hoard knowledge any longer.” Andy Crestodina, speaker, blogger, etc., shared that nugget of wisdom at the recent Intelligent Content Conference in Las Vegas.

If you need proof of how true his observation is, look no further than the Capital Group, a conservative, trusted financial services company that – until recently ­– lagged far behind its competitors in thought leadership and digital marketing.

“We were hiding our light under a bushel,” says Will McKenna, describing the company’s marketing efforts in the talk he and Fred Macri gave at Content Marketing World 2017: Awakening a Sleeping Giant: Crafting a Successful Content Brand in an 86-Year-Old Enterprise.

“Our marketing was immature,” Will says. Meanwhile, their competitors had become, as Will describes, “very visible, very good at this. They’re out on CNBC. They’re out on the digital space. The world had kind of passed us by.”

The Capital Group, which manages $1.7 trillion in assets, had amassed many loyal financial services advisors as clients. Yet it risked losing market share to competitors that more openly shared insights ­on news that affects investment decisions.

Fred and Will tried something to catch up to – and even leapfrog – competitors. Their idea? Create a content brand: Capital Ideas.

Launching a content brand is one thing. Making it a success is another. Capital Group succeeded because it positioned its content to provide answers its audience is hungry for – answers it’s uniquely capable of providing.

Capital Group’s content answers audience questions it’s uniquely capable of answering, says @MarciaRJohnston.
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Fred and Will’s story offers many takeaways for anyone launching a new content initiative.

  1. Ask (and answer) why a content brand makes sense.
  2. Choose the content you will (and won’t) focus on.
  3. Stay plugged in to audience needs.
  4. Invest in your email newsletter.
  5. Find internal supporters to help …read more

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