Community Management: A Social Media Expert Spills Her Secrets

By Clare McDermott


Christin Kardos leads social media for Convince and Convert, an organization that teaches marketers how to be socially savvy. We wanted to know: How does the expert’s expert build and manage communities?

Essential social mindset

I asked Christin for tips on how to think like a community builder. Here are her recommendations in her own words.

Master the art of banter

As marketers and businesspeople, we know social presents tremendous opportunities for business … but when it’s used only as a broadcast channel, you’re failing to make connections. If you’re not connecting with people, it’s just a bunch of noise. It’s not enough to say, “Here’s something we think is awesome that you’ll like.” You need to respond to comments, answer questions, and incorporate the idea of being useful in one-on-one conversations. If you’re not doing those things, you’re wasting your and others’ time. Social media really is for socializing.

If you’re not answering questions & having 1-1 convos, you’re wasting time on #socialmedia. @ChristinKardos
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Mind the machine

In the last year, we’ve worked hard to increase internal cohesion. We’ve streamlined our internal processes – something that was necessary because our team is expanding. We’re able to do more in terms of cross-functionality and visibility. For example, I’m in charge of organic social, but I don’t manage our social advertising. Now we have a person in house who I meet with once a week to ensure we streamline our efforts across the board. Sococo has been a critical tool to get this done. (Learn about the other tools Christin uses below.)

Be fearless

People have a …read more

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