9 Blogging Tools That Will Make Your Job Easier

By Ann Smarty


Managing a blog is a tough task, especially if it’s a multi-author outlet. It involves a lot of editing, relationship building, and task management.

You don’t need to be an expert in everything, but you do need to keep a lot of things in check – search engine optimization, content interlinking, article performance in search and social media, and overall content marketing impact on the brand awareness.

The following tools will help you to do more, know more, and understand more to boost your blog performance without spending hours learning new things normally outside of the routine.

Before-publishing tools

1. Add Google Custom Search Engine to your site

Google Custom Search Engine allows your site to host its own search engine, which searches any sites or pages you point it to. It’s a handy tool to combine all brand-sensitive content inside one searchable database. When you’re looking to link to your company’s older content in your new articles, you can run a custom search to find posts published on your site or others you’ve identified. (For example, if you guest post on other sites, you can include that in your search.)

To create a custom search engine, list your brand’s domains and name your search engine, and you are done.

Add pages in bulk: You can do this in the editing phase (not when you create the search engine). Click “Edit,” then “Add,” and finally “Include sites in bulk”:


Add individual pages from third-party sites: Select “Include just the specific pages I have entered” option. It lets you paste in the page links of your brand’s guest posts, reviews, podcasts, interviews, etc.

TIP: Add multiple managers to the search engine so third-party URLs can be added …read more

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