7 Powerful Tools to Automate Tedious Content Marketing Tasks

By Bill Widmer


You know what every content marketer loves?

A good tool that saves you hours of time (and money).

OK, maybe that’s just me. I absolutely love online tools that help automate tedious tasks. A good tool gives an amazing ROI while simultaneously improving the output of your work.

In this article, I share seven of my favorite content marketing and SEO tools. Let’s dive in!

1. Social Report for social media management

Managing your social media can be a big pain. And a big time suck.

Social Report is a social media management platform that cuts the time it takes to respond to your followers, interact with commenters, and grow your networks.

Beyond simply making interactions more efficient, this tool also has:

  • Advanced analytics to show which posts receive the most engagement
  • Social monitoring to see when your brand or your competitors are mentioned
  • Automation of responses to people who “like” or comment

Here’s a screenshot of the analytics dashboard:


While it can be a bit overwhelming at first, once you or your employees get the hang of it, it can shave hours off your social media time every week.

Use #socialmedia management tool like @TheSocialReport to shave hours off your time every week. @TheBillWidmer
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How much does it cost? Starting at $49 a month

2. Sumo for social-share bar and pop-up creator

Speaking of social, you can get more shares by having share buttons on your content.

Plus, having the number of a post’s social shares in the sidebar gives you social proof your content is worth sharing, reading, or linking to. (Although, I admit, a lot of the social networks are making their API harder to integrate with these …read more

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