5 Steps to Strategically Reboot Your Brand’s Content Marketing

By Mat Zucker


Content is a brand’s currency to demonstrate relevance and, with emerging channels and interfaces like chat and voice, it’s bringing brands closer to their customers. But to succeed, company-driven content needs a more strategic approach that rebuilds a brand’s foundational and experiential elements.

Here’s the formula to strategically evolve your brand communication:

1. Rearticulate your brand story

Your brand story is the emotional narrative that expresses the vision and purpose of your organization. Adapted for different stakeholders, this story shapes understanding of your mission and value proposition.

There’s no better place to express it than on your About Us page. More than half of the 100-plus pages we examined were under-leveraging this 24-7 canvas.

No better place than About Us page to tell an emotional brand story expressing vision & purpose. @matzucker
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The good examples range from the mission-driven Patagonia to the surprisingly unconventional General Motors.


General Motors Example

2. Define your verbal strategy

Most marketers know they need a visual strategy, but few apply the same rigor for a verbal strategy, detailing these key components: Some key components you should build:

Messaging themes

The biggest ideas driving the brand are converted into actionable guidance for marketers and communicators. With proof points, copy blocks, and usage considerations, messaging flexes across touchpoints, channels, and content – while equipping you to tell a cohesive story that helps audiences understand who you are and what to expect.

Brand voice

Messaging is what you say, voice is …read more

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