5 Editorial Experiments You May Want to Try

By Michele Linn


Back in the early days of CMI, we used to experiment all the time. (OK … sometimes “experiment” was code for “we don’t quite know what we’re doing, but let’s try this …”) As our business matured, we focused more of our attention on what works and putting processes around those things to make them the most efficient and effective as possible.

But just because we better understand what works doesn’t mean we should stop trying new things.

So our editorial team is conducting a few experiments this summer, and we want to bring you along on that adventure. Our goal is to be transparent about what’s working – and what’s not – to ultimately help you in your content marketing efforts.

But first, a story

Before we look at upcoming experiments, I wanted to share one we have tried – with surprising results.

About 18 months ago, we decided to republish blog posts that have performed well. Our hypothesis was that no one can read everything we publish when it goes live – and new subscribers likely aren’t delving into what we already produced. Instead of only publishing new posts, we wanted to see how people would respond to seeing our best posts.

While we sometimes update these posts based on current information or new examples, other posts are republished with few changes. I’ll be frank. Many people on the team thought this wasn’t a stellar idea – they did not like the idea of us not publishing something new. And, I had people outside CMI express the same assumption, as exemplified in this email excerpt from a contributing author: “I figure fresh, new, and original is far better than re-running the same piece!”

But you know what? No one complained that they didn’t get brand new content each day. (And we don’t keep it secret …read more

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