3 Simple Tools for Hiring Great Content Creators in Less Time

By Catalin Zorzini


Your team has developed audience personas and knows which topics and keywords resonate with your audience. The content promotion plan is done and the KPIs are set.

You begin assigning the content marketing work.

And then you hit a wall: You can’t find enough quality content creators to join the team.

I hit that wall, then figured out a solution – a process to build content teams in a short time with relative ease.

To avoid the wall – or to break through it – consider these tricks and tools.

Why it takes so long to hire

Does posting opportunities to job boards consume most of your hiring time?


The time-consuming component of the hiring process is vetting and interviewing the applicants.

The average interview process in the United States runs 23.8 days, according to Glassdoor research.

Avg. interview process = 23.8 days via @Glassdoor. That’s too long, says @zorzini. #hiring
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That’s too long.

And that’s where online tools can help speed up the process and help you find quality content creators to implement your content marketing strategy.

How digital tools can shorten interview time

Vervoe is an interview-automation tool my company used to craft an interview process and workflow for hiring.

Use tools @VervoeHQ, @typeform, or @zapier ‏to craft an interview process & workflow for #hiring. @zorzini
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Applicants use Vervoe to go through each step, responding to pre-set questions we selected through a drag-and-drop function. The program also creates a dashboard so we can see where each candidate is in the process.

If you don’t want to go through all the applicants’ answers manually, you can have Vervoe grade the answers based on preferred answers you …read more

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