About us

The Creative Tribe was launched in 2000 as an international collective of creative minds. Copywriters, hard-coders, journalists, designers, on-line geeks, promoters, visionaries, photographers and project planners. Special forces that look beyond the briefing.

The Creative Tribe is now active in three business verticals: Real-estate, Hotels and B2B innovation. Our services are equal: we boost your business with smart marketing for sales solutions. The Creative Tribe is commercial and creative; a dangerous combination for your competition. Find out what we can do for you!

If you have a new product and you need support how to bring this to market, contact us. We work with dedicated teams on project base or with a retainer/service fee.



B2b innovation


About the founder

The concept for The Creative Tribe was developed in 2000 and nurtured and improved by Ab Kuijer. Media activist since 1990: from radio-host, newspaper journalist to film and tv-producer.

“The challenge ‘how to bring a message across’ gives me energy. The world of advertising is a fantasy world with weird ideas, mass media budgets and Awards for the creatives. I prefer logic sense and clear sales objectives. Creativity is essential, but must serve the purpose. When you get those two things right, you can start flying.”

Published ‘Think Small, Grow Big‘ in 2011 at Cosimo Books New York.